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The Creators Collection

Each piece, drawn in silver and etched with time, our first collection is handcrafted from recycled silver. Crafted slowly, we've taken the time to perfect each piece, making hundreds of changes along the way. This first collection is a reflection of our journey. These are our first masterpieces.

This is truly a limited edition collection. Once sold out, we'll drift on to another collection to hopefully another artist, another time or another place.


A touch of salt...

Creating something that inspires people to live fully, to find fullfilment and fun in each day – that's what we're about. We're storytellers, we want to share stories and cultures from all over the world, to support artists to create beauty and create freely. With each tale of wonder, we hope to create change in this world by infecting people with warmth, through humour, inspiration and creativity... This first collection is ours, this is our beginning.


"I think I enjoy the struggle, the fight. I don't know, it's something that gave me a lot of awe as a kid and something I'll probably keep doing till the end of time."


Mattia Steiner