Meet Tumi

I spent a lot of time trying to reconcile with my identity growing up. Being comfortable within my own skin was my biggest challenge while growing up in a country where there is racial divide (SA). It was always you're not black enough, or You’re too white. But also, I grew up in a dualistic world, being in English schools and living in a black community.

English was the main language where I could fully express myself because I was speaking more of it than my native languages. But I remember going back home and having to re-adapt. My friends were speaking my native language, and I would miss certain phrases or words said in conversations. I felt torn between these two worlds and how I showed up in both of them. (I was also learning 5 languages in between.) It kind of created this moment of who am I?

What brought me back to my centre of believing I'm good enough and worthy was my creativity.

I then started painting with music... I use this to paint an image of a journey that I take people on. It's a soul connection that I create to connect and find resonance. 

I think music has always been a part of my life...

When I'm creative, I think a lot; when I'm running, I'm not thinking at all. It's something very important to my creative process.

It feels like a reset, allowing me to come back and be more inspired.

Life is a question of choices to me; you choose to create or to not create.

Creating is, I feel, expressing the fullness of your being and why you came to exist. For me, this is my journey; this is why I came here.

- Tumi