• The Story

The Story

The Dream & Journey

Salty dagger is a dream that I hope travels all over the world. I hope through the passion we share you can’t help but feel altered or moved…

Carving each artist's thoughts into silver & parchment and etching the dreams into films and stories.

That hopefully remind you of the beauty of this world; of living.

- Harley

The First Nut Case ;)

We plan to take you all over the world and show you the beauty throughout every age of life, from being an elderly full of stories and wisdom to a kid that explores the world with fresh eyes and every single moment in-between.

Our collections, at their core, are our method and means to take you
all around the world and share stories of artists from far-reaching
corners of the globe.

Sharing beauty or sometimes just stories that
need to be heard and this still only feels like day dot.

Cause we're only getting started and I hope you're coming
because boy I'm sure we'll need a hand x.

Big love SD x

Chris Miyashiro

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