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Le Cinéma (G)

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This one's for the movie makers. The film advocates often losing track of time itself as you see your vision come to life, sometimes creating purely for the dream, hoping to inspire, or to simply create something that exceeds all previous creations. This is for the storytellers who have chosen movies, clips and reels as their medium. A space that’s been influencing the world since 1888.


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This collection is handcrafted with 925 sterling silver and plated with 24k Gold Vermeil. Our silver is 100% certified, still working on the gold certificate though. The plating is 3.5 microns thick of gold on silver but we also add an additional little layer of 18k...

We've got some in-house scientist's that throughly tested that this will get you the longest lasting plating. The harder 18k protects the 24K the 24K has no weak metals in it and won't corrode as easy as 18k.


With durability in mind, we source our pure recycled silver from a leading Belgium/German based company, where it is refined at 330ppt oxygen level – crucial to crafting a high quality product. Our silver is refined slightly above the 92.5% silver mark and each piece is actually 93% silver. We also use some methods that help make it slightly stronger than your traditional sterling and four times more corrosion resistant which has been certifiably tested. The gold is also sourced from a internationally recognized company here in Indonesia, used by many big brands for it's recycled silver but is not certified yet. We plate using some of the best technology around as well, taking no shortcuts.

These little goodies are then carefully packed away in an old-school matchbox that we crafted from recycled cardboard, with an organic cotton canvas bag, our signature silver polish cloth, n’ a little more...


All orders received will be shipped in 24-48hrs. Work days are Monday to
Friday 9am to 5pm. Orders on weekends are processed Monday.

We provide free standard shipping to all our orders within Australia (5-9 business days) and for $11.95 AUD for express shipping (1-4 business days).**

All international orders over $200 come with free standard shipping. Our international shipping is $20 for standard (10-30days) $40 on express shipping (5-16days).**

Please note some parcels here and there are taking slightly longer than expected. Things seem to be getting better but the odd delays do occur, both nationally and internationally. So do take this into account for gifts.

We want to make sure you guys love the pieces you get so we offer a 30 day return policy. (Starts when you get the item). Read up on it here.

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A Timeless Collection

This is a collection that may disappear here and there and pieces may be completly redreamed in time but for most part the idea's and concepts of the pieces will be timeless and will stick around for all of time.

The Core

Never Give Up Energy

Carved Slowly & Mindfully

Each piece is carved from 100% certified recycled silver, packed in recycled cardboard, and we use 100% certified soy-based inks. We're also 100% plastic free throughout our shipping and supply chain. We're still not perfect, but step by step we're striving for change and hopefully in the end, we leave this world in a better place than it was when we started.

Hand Carved & Forged To Last

They're slightly thicker in all the right places and carefully crafted from a slightly tougher sterling silver. They still need a lot of love and care, but if looked after, will last you generations. The gold plating will need to be re-plated every couple of years though. (Read the care guide that comes with every piece. :)!)