"Chris is a true dreamer, wondering and playing in every passage of life. The beauty he shares through his journey, both within and out, shines through what he creates and who he shows up as." - Harley

Chris Miyashiro

I’ll be honest when I first bumped into Chris Miyashiro, all I saw was someone who had a nice feel and could skate,
haha and that’s all that was planned; to maybe do a little video together.

In the end, he helped create and poured his heart into one of the most beautiful collections
we’ve had the pleasure of working on.

"I'm Hawaiian but Chris teaches me so much new stuff about the culture every day. I think that's definitely one of the things that drives him is helping to rekindle the loss of tradition and culture
in Hawaii.

I don't know if you know much about the history but there's unfortunately been a lot of loss and pain in terms of Hawaiian culture when since Hawaii was annexed to America. Like for example, my dad is 72 and he went to an all-Hawaiian school he was never taught Hawaiian.

I think also the message he sends in a lot of his art is the simplicity of life and living close to the land and just the raw beauty and purity of it all."

- Brittany Hokulani Penaroza

Huge thank you to Christian Edwards from Nuage Vision
who helped bring this clip together and shot a lot of the images for the collection.


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Also thank you to everyone who supported this collection.

I hope you too feel the magic in these crafts and the dream's behind them. 🍃

They now are yours to carry into your journey and to carry your thoughts.

SD x