Collection Final

It’s been an absolute whirl, so many things have gone wrong, late nights, early rises… There’s been a lot of midnight oil burned on this collection, a lot of discoveries... Yet some things have also gone better than our wildest dreams...

This collection draws inspirations from many styles of art, artists and places.. Some are inspired by the gods themselves.

Each carefully carved out recycled sterling silver, hand forged with care and time… Crafted over the span of a year. We’ve handcrafted these using an age-old ancient wax carving technique, we trialed many techniques… Slowly hammered, carefully etched and nicked we’ve crafted a story, showing the beauty of time in each piece.

So many days spent thinking and crafting, altering and changing, dreaming new ideas... And are still doing so even now, as we launch… We’d happily never finish this collection. But It’s time to let our creations into the world and let them inspire and live on through you.

We’ve worked with some of the best and we’re very grateful, our sterling silver is in house forged, forged in a way that makes it four times more resistant to corrosion and tougher than traditional sterling silver... Crafting out of the isles of indo, we found sturdy silver hard to find – not all sterling is created equal – and we warped a lot of our first pieces carved out of silver a bit too easily... However, we’ve yet to warp a single one of our ring’s since.

Do note, we take them off when hitting the tools and keep them away from our beer lids. If you’re kind to them, these pieces should last a lifetime. 

From the etchings on each piece, to the illustrations on the box they arrive in, we’ve poured heart and soul into every tiny detail... Curious eyes may even spot a little hidden mark that hints at something we’ll not say. The packaging has been crafted just for this little drop, for this debut collection. Every detail and word is just for you, just for people in this moment in this time frame with us now. 

Each order is supplied with a little cotton canvas bag, and a special little polish cloth that’ll keep your piece shining for the sun, salt and decades to come.

Some of these pieces came to life effortlessly; others went through hundreds of changes. Any piece we could not create how we dreamed was left for another day another time, one of these was almost the panther piece, months alone where spent on this piece. Some pieces took a long, relentless string of trial and error, some came together almost too perfectly.

This collection has been crafted in small numbers and may end up being a little short lived… Although this collection will never die. It will live on, around the necks and wrists and hands of some rad human that was captivated by a piece. Each ring, cuff, pendant or bracelet, each messy detail, message and engraving etched in our silver will live on through those that we're here for our debut collection. The Creator’s Collection.

There’s a lot of meaning behind each piece, and we’re excited to share this with you all over time. 

Salty Dagger xx