The Creators Collection

It’s been an absolute whirl, so many things have gone wrong, late nights, early rises…
There’s been a lot of midnight oil burned on this collection, a lot of stumbles, a few falls... yet some things have turned out better than our wildest dreams...

A Dream

This entire collection is a one-off, a completely limited edition collection. Handcrafted with care, every line and detail is unique. From the etchings on each piece, to the illustrations on the box they arrive in, we’ve poured heart and soul into every tiny detail...

There's been a lot of people, a lot of friends, new faces and rad humans that have been behind this collection. Some brilliant minds too... People who have told their stories, lended their hands, dropped a few words of wisdom. People willing to get up before the birds to go do something fun, wild or wacky, to create something beautiful with us.


Little Goodies

Take care of them – these pieces are crafted from sturdier stuff than your average sterling – and they should stand the test of time. Surf or sunshine, a bit of weather won't do them harm, but maybe don't go using them to open your beers...

The Process

Into the wind

A massive shout out goes to Leilani banks, for without her this collection would not be what it is...

It's hard to say goodbye, to finally let go of this collection and let it out into the world... It’s time to move on, to our next dreams, ideas, creations... But although it is done, it will never die.

It will live on, around the necks and wrists and hands of you rad humans who were captivated by a piece. 

Each ring, cuff, pendant or bracelet, each messy detail, message, and engraving etched in our silver will live on through those of you who were here for our debut collection. 

The Creator’s Collection.