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33000+ Tree's, Changing Dreams, Black Friday. Into the minds of the crew.

Written by Harls 07/12/23.

So whats the big deal?

So I'm going to give some insights into some big things that happend this year. I'll also be very honest, we had 0 plans of doing anything this end of year. No shouting off roof tops, no big campaigns what so ever, no launches, no nothing…

We’ve changed a lot, as a brand, as people. We realised that we where in the rat race for survival, growth, for impact but a rat race none the less…

"If you drive a car every day worried about scratches/what may happen, you'll never truly drive that car."

"If you like what you created and you had fun, you'll keep doing it till the end of time. Those are our thoughts anyway."

Haha we've been planting some tree's for quite some time. In-fact this has been in the works for around 18 months. A lot of that was spent making sure we aligned with the right people and making sure our funds would make a darn difference. So here we are with Eden Reforestation Projects. Some how we ended up planting over 22,000 trees, we realized that's kinda pretty cool.

So a few days before Black Friday, we decided hec let’s see how many more we can grow… So we got ready to blast something, something we felt like would be fun. The text was whipped up literally on the crafting bench, pen and paper. The pictures where shot in the back yard (This is not a figure of speech). We shot our bud, Rual's gorgeous hands left right and center. We even had this awe felt moment where a beautiful butterfly/insect came and said hello, whats up. It's me.

You won’t get that in your fancy studio.

For me it always felt like we where rushing to make impact.
Which is coming, but we're going to take detours. Keeping it fun and full of awe and wonder . We're in this for the ride and to hopefully to look back with some beautiful stories to share, and a little proud of some of the things we did right.
I mean if hey we go out, hell, at least, we'll be able to say we went out with a big ol' grin chasing a wild idea or dream. ;)

Now if you're over listening to me...

Get a craft you can look down on occasionally and know there's 20 tree's out there planted, attached to that piece. (Soft sell)

Hahah love ya's. Seriously though we are going to end it soon. We've now planted over 33,000 tree's. Kinda kewl.

Yours truly,
The Salty Dagger family