Ring Size Guide

The most accurate way to determine your ring size is to stop into a jewellers and get them to measure your finger but if not, follow this handy method below.


Before you take your measurements, pick the finger that you want to wear your ring on. The fingers on your dominant hand tend to be larger than those on your non-dominant hand, so just keep that in mind when measuring for your ring size.

Also ensure that your finger is at its normal size before taking a measurement. Cold weather can cause your fingers to shrink a bit, while heat can cause your fingers to swell.

  1. Cut out a strip of paper or grab a piece of string 
  2. Wrap the piece of paper/string around the base of your finger tightly so it fits tight as possible and mark where the two pieces meet.
  3. Measure the length you just marked with a ruler and match the length with the size chart below to determine your ring size
  4. Double check just to make sure 



  • Are you a 9.5 but we only have a 9.25? There's little difference, I'm a 9.5 and 9.25 fit's me perfectly. If you're 0.5 bigger or small it will still fit. Usually better to be 0.5 smaller then the measured size.
  • If the size of your knuckle is a whole lot bigger than the base of your finger, then take two measurements - one of the base of your finger and one of your knuckle, and pick a size in-between.
  • For extra accuracy get a mate to help you measure your ring size.
  • Golden nugget: We've also had customers coat the inside of their ring with clear nail polish for sizes two big. It doesn't harm the ring and we've found it actually works a charm. Using 3 or so coats to make the ring up to 1 whole size smaller.