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We messed up. But we've also got some good news? Our promise, stated on our website and to you, is that we're 100% plastic free. However, we've had parcels rock up a few times with our materials, all 'plastic free', just with some bubble wrap. 🤦‍♂️ Apparently, they had someone new, and that person thought they should be careful to not include any plastic, but yeah just didn't know this also meant no bubble wrap.

On the other hand, there was also unclear communication with a new person on our side, so it happened three more times… Not quite the dream. There has also been some small slips here and there with plastic, and it just hasn't been the perfect score we can run home to mum about.

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"We've been about 95% plastic free, using things like 100% compostable cornstarch, which has replaced all of our plastics, shredded paper, cardboard etc."

ㅤWe're changing that and partnering up with Better Packaging Co, making some changes to our mailers. We are now using POLASTIC, which is plastic with a catch. The plastic is 100% recycled from ocean-bound plastic, supporting a program where people are paid in poverty-stricken areas and towns to clean up and collect plastic heading towards the oceans. While also providing education in these area's on the impact of plastic.

These clean-ups are happening in South East Asia, one of the places being Indonesia, where plastic is a serious problem and education on plastic is almost nonexistent. These new mailers also have a lower carbon footprint than our compostable ones. Every piece of plastic is traceable to the source, and trees are planted to offset their carbon by -200%.

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"This is a small change we're hoping will have a big impact… In time."

This feels like a small step in the right direction. In all other areas, we'll keep striving to be 100% plastic-free, but POLASTIC is something we're happy to support... We've also got some more things going on behind to scenes to help improve our environmental impact but, step by step.

"Feels weird to say we're going to be using plastic and we're proud of it."

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We're going to keep 'coms' open and keep it honest always. We want you to know, understand and see every miss-step and achievement, keeping it raw and real till we're 6ft deep.

We're also constantly checking our messages and care about your feedback. Let us know your thoughts through a DM or email.

Much love.
SD 🥀