How To Clean Your Rings

The amazing thing about having a piece crafted from pure silver? A quick polish and your piece will be brand new again! Rinse and repeat this till the end of time.

We've found, at around 6 months our reach their prime in look, this is then kept for the rest of their lives. The secret? polishing them here and there. Our preferred finish is about 7 days after the polish you get a perfect little matte finish.

So every now and then your silver will get yellow and then go a little black, if you work out a lot with your jewellery this will happen much faster. Now there are two stellar way's too clean your pieces...

Method 1 (Shake & Bake):

This is the best way to get those pendants and chains spick and clean. Make sure there's no etching on the piece before though! This method will remove that glorious blacking (oxidization) from those etchings and grooves.

What you need:
- Backing Soda
- Aluminium Foil
- Boiling Water

Mix the ingredients in order in a bowl or cup and put the item in for 10 minutes, if there's any etching on the piece like our Serpent Chain endings keep this part out. After 10 minutes the item should be shining like brand new, If not you can leave it in for hours or even overnight if need be.

Warning: When mixed the ingredients will fizz up a little and smell like sulfur, maybe don't do this one while the crew are making breakie'.

Method 2 (Wizard Cloth):

This is the best method for rings or any piece where you want the keep the oxidization (blacking) in the groves as the cloth can't get into the tiny groves and will rub over them. Simply grab your silver polish cloth that comes with the piece and rub-down the piece good. Should take a minute or two before your piece is shining like Barbara's bowl cut on a Tuesday.

If you lost your cloth or it doesn't shine like it used to, head over to eBay or Amazon or your local jeweller and buy one off them. You can usually snag one for a dollar or two. A silver cloth works differently from a standard cloth. There are special ingredients in it that remove the oxidization from the silver.

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