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At this very moment, there is a creation in the works in every country, suburb or city across the globe. Perhaps only a door away, there is a person bringing an idea to life. They may be eyeing up their work in progress, wondering as things come into place, unsure whether the desired result is at all possible. Or perhaps they are half way through the process, unsure of where they’ll end up, watching as the pieces come together.

Some people in this process just flow, seamlessly, with the years behind their hands guiding them. Others are just beginning, unsure and unsteady as they take their first steps. No matter where you are on your creative journey, there is  something to be said about bringing something special into this world. Often driven with nothing but passion or pure curiosity. This piece is for the creators…


Unsure what your perfect fit is? Head here to follow our handy at-home method to determine your ring size or, for the most accurate measurement, swing by your local jewellers and get them to size your finger.

Snagging a piece for someone else? Flick us a message on our form here, we’ll be able to help.


Slowly and thoughtfully crafted from our recycled 925 sterling silver, with every detail, every notch and mark oxidised and perfected, these are pieces to keep. Currently we’re at 90% recycled silver.

With durability in mind, we source our pure recycled silver from a leading recycled materials company in Belgium, where it is refined at 330ppt oxygen level – crucial to crafting a high quality product. Once in house, we further refine this pure silver to make it not only stronger than your traditional sterling, but also four times more corrosion resistant and with a higher level of purity too – around 930 you could say (just a touch above the typical 925). We craft each piece in hope it will truly last a lifetime.

These little goodies are then carefully packed away in an old-school matchbox that we crafted from recycled cardboard, with an organic cotton canvas bag, our signature silver polish cloth, n’ a little more...


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We want to make sure you guys love the pieces you get so we offer a 14-day hassle-free return policy. Read up on it here.

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Limited Edition

A truly limited edition collection, everything in this collection will be crafted with care in a single small batch. Once we sell out, that's it amigos. We'll be drifting on to a new collection, to other places and working with other artists in collections to come...

The Creators Collection

Created Mindfully

Each Piece Comes Hand Packaged

Thoughtfully packed in boxes crafted from recycled materials, our packaging reflects the work behind the collection and the journey it took to get here. Pouring everything we've got in it...

Solid Sterling

Each piece has been forged by hand to stand the test of time... these pieces are made to be worn, daily, and withstand life's knocks and tumbles. Each ring, pendant, cuff, chain crafted from solid 930 sterling silver, sourced as sustainably as we can find it.