Gone Loggin

JT & Logan...

Meet Logan

- Where there any dreams you remember having when you where younger?

Logan: I fell in love with ocean first before any girl rocked my world. Ever since then, all I dream about is that crystal blue persuasion. You see my mind is always out there just swimming and every day I have to find a way to reunite with my longed lost love or I go coco for coco puffs. I knew from A very young age I was different from most people, a stranger to this society we created, black sheep one would say. I never fit in anywhere or with anyone so I ran around finding my escape where I could and along the way I found some awesome people who share my devotion for the sea, and that's everything to me.

Meet JT

- Whats your ideal retirement situation? What are you doing, where are you? Traveling and having a place to live in the now way overpriced hometown of San Clemente. I hope to step back from my electrician work when I’m a little older and have some groms run jobs for me while I go get barreled. But  right now I’m the grom working for the guy who’s off getting toobed  somewhere. That’s how the electrician gig goes. You gotta put some hard work in early so you can enjoy yourself later on.

- Where there any dreams you remember having when you where younger?

When I was little I would always have this fever dream where this big ass  ball was chasing me and I felt so small. That’s when I knew it was time  to pop some NyQuil (medicine)

What is the heart of logging for you?

Logan: Theres nothing like flying like a cannonball down the face  of a wave and crashing into the water, but logging is more like a dance. Levitating, with your toes dangling in the air, its like walking on  water and I’ve never felt more free. Surfing has become a sport or competition, everyone judging themselves to one another thinking I'm better, rip harder, or are cooler than an another  like its all a race. When I’m logging I don’t feel any of that crap man, I'm just a butterfly having fun in the sun, or a big grey elephant just swinging my trunk for the hell of it.