Pacific Teeth

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"Triangles. In many cultures and arts, triangles have a multitude of meanings. For me, it represents strength in balance. In the culture I was raised in, it often refers to a shark tooth (niho manō).
Manō, a shark in Hawaiian waters, has been revered as both a symbol of fierceness and of family guidance. I find that to be a perfect explanation for the Pacific Islands. I remember the day my mom called, reporting that my friend was in the hospital in critical condition with one leg taken from a shark while surfing our home break. In contrast there were the beautiful moments, swimming beside them while both shark and man were symbiotically hunting for our evening meal. When a fifteen foot shark gracefully swam alongside me in a moment of peace, it reaffirmed that we all need this healthy fear - not the fear that cripples us, but rather the fear that motivates us to protect what we love." 3/7 - Chris Miyashiro


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Slowly and thoughtfully crafted from our recycled 925 sterling silver, with every detail, every notch and mark oxidised and perfected, these are pieces to keep. Currently we’re at 90% recycled silver.

With durability in mind, we source our pure recycled silver from a leading recycled materials company in Belgium, where it is refined at 330ppt oxygen level – crucial to crafting a high quality product. Once in house, we further refine this pure silver to make it not only stronger than your traditional sterling, but also four times more corrosion resistant and with a higher level of purity too – around 930 you could say (just a touch above the typical 925). We craft each piece in hope it will truly last a lifetime.

These little goodies are then carefully packed away in an old-school matchbox that we crafted from recycled cardboard, with an organic cotton canvas bag, our signature silver polish cloth, n’ a little more...


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Limited Edition

A truly limited edition collection. Handcrafted with a lot of love and time. Once the collection ends, that's it amigos. We'll be moving on to a new collection, hopefully another artist and time or place. Can't promise we'll make something as incredible as these though...

The Miyashiro Collection

Crafted Ethically & Crafted To Last

Each piece crafted from 100% certified 925 recycled silver, forged in a way that's tougher than your traditional sterling. Hand-packed in our custom match box's with a silver polish cloth and cotton canvas bag, to keep your piece safe for all eternity.

Handmade by us out the isles of indonesia using the traditional wax carving and mould method.

The Packaging

Each piece comes in a box we've designed just for this collection with a few other goodies and stories behind the pieces. This is our neat little surprise for the purchasers though.